How to build a brand in the Trump era

The Trump administration is taking a harder line on foreign policy than the previous administration, and it’s pushing back against some of the more outlandish statements made by President Trump in recent weeks.

While the administration has been quick to condemn foreign governments and governments it considers “rogue regimes,” a lot of Trump’s recent statements have been far more expansive.

Here’s a look at the most controversial statements by Trump and what the administration is doing about it.1.

China: China is a rogue regime, and we need China to stop interfering in our affairs, a statement made by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Tuesday.

Haley claimed that China’s actions were undermining U.N. peacekeeping efforts and international security, and she warned that the U.K. and other allies would be forced to defend themselves if they didn’t act.

The U.s. also said that the United States has “serious concerns” about the “continued Chinese meddling in our bilateral relationship.”2.

Russia: The Trump White House has taken a softer line on Russia than previous administrations.

While Russia has continued to meddle in the U