Walmart’s new headquarters may be ugly, but it’s worth the money

Walmart’s proposed new headquarters is ugly.

The company says it will use $250 million in federal stimulus money to add a “new headquarters and brand new office space” at its current location in suburban Milwaukee. 

“I’m confident the investment will help transform the entire region and the nation’s retail landscape,” the company said in a statement. 

But the plan’s description of the project’s “innovative” exterior and “high-tech” interior is a bit misleading.

The new building will look nothing like Walmart’s current campus in North Milwaukee, which is just south of downtown. 

The new building has been likened to a “panda-print” glass and steel building, and some residents who live nearby describe it as being more “wasteful” than Walmart’s existing campus. 

Some residents are concerned that Walmart will use a “small” office space that could pose a health and safety risk, and that the $250-million “reconstruction” could be a “massive, costly mistake.”

The city’s planning commission, which approved the project, has not yet issued a formal request for proposals. 

Still, the project has generated plenty of buzz, with local residents taking to social media to criticize Walmart for the project. 

I love the concept of a $250M investment in a brand new $10M office building, I hate the fact that this will destroy my community, and I hope that Walmart does the right thing and moves out of my area.

#SaveMilwaukee— Ryan Jones (@RyanJonesMilwaukee) February 3, 2021 I will be taking my own kids to a Walmarts, I hope the company moves out, and we need a new place to live.

 #SaveMilana  @WalmartMilwaukee It’s a shame to be in the middle of an urban wasteland.

I want a place where I can live and work.

#saveMilwaukee — Nick (@nickjohnson) February 4, 2021