How to open Amazon store pages for the iPad app

Hacker News user bryan_mackenzie wrote in a thread that he opened an Amazon store page for the Apple iPad app.

“I got my iPad in about 3 hours,” he wrote.

“I’ve been going to this store for a week now and I’ve never seen an iPad page for this app.

I know it’s a little niche but it’s really easy to use and works great.”

The author wrote that he found a store page, but it wasn’t in the Apple App Store.

Another user named Chris wrote in the thread that the store page was listed on but wasn’t available on the App Store website.

He said the page wasn’t on the Apple Store website either.

According to the App store, the Amazon store app is available for iOS devices.

The iPhone and iPad apps for the store, called Shopify, can also be opened using the Apple iOS App Store or the Google Play Store app.

The app for both is available on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Amazon also has an Android app called Amazon Apps that can be used to purchase Amazon products on Android phones and tablets.