What’s the best way to get a sports watch?

Sporting goods store owner and sports fanatic Steve Siffers is hoping to bring back some nostalgia for sports fans by offering them the best of both worlds: the “best sports watch” and the “good old-fashioned, sports-focused” look. 

For a price of around $3,000, Siffer’s sports watches will feature a built-in accelerometer that allows the user to measure their steps and heart rate, as well as their oxygen consumption and other metrics, while also measuring the wearer’s heart rate and oxygen consumption. 

Siffers, who also has a passion for sports, says his goal is to bring sports watch owners a “good, old-style, sports oriented look that’s as easy to understand as it is functional,” with a built in sensor that allows users to customize the watch to suit their needs. 

“We hope that it will bring a great sport watch to people who have been waiting for it for years,” he told the New York Times.

“We’re not going to take the old, boring sports watch and just give them a shiny new sports watch.” 

Sffors is hoping that his new sports watches would be an appealing alternative to the likes of the Fossil Q and the Pebble Time, two popular fitness trackers from Google and Pebble that have become somewhat of a fixture on the sports watch market. 

While Pebble’s sports watch, the Pebble Beach 3, has been an important accessory for some people who love their sport watches, Sffors thinks that his sport watches would appeal to a wider audience. 

He told the Times that he’s also looking at creating sports watches with “a bit of a retro aesthetic,” that would appeal more to older folks who have used the devices in the past. 

If you’re interested in joining the Siffners’ “Sports Watch Club,” a group of people who all have the same passion for sport and a similar passion for their watches, then you can sign up for his Facebook group, or you can check out the Kickstarter campaign that Siffors is currently running.