Amazon’s stock price is back to $400, and the stock is trending even higher –

Amazon stock price has returned to its highs for months and now is trending higher.

The stock was up more than 1 per cent in early trading on Thursday morning.

It’s been climbing steadily in recent weeks, and investors are hopeful that it could continue to rise.

But a big factor driving this rally has been a sharp correction from Amazon, which has now sold off $1 trillion worth of stock in the last five years.

The company has now issued $1.5 trillion in stock-based compensation in the US, and its share price has dropped to $325, according to Thomson Reuters data.

In the last 12 months, Amazon’s shares have fallen more than 30 per cent, and it has already sold off a record $1 billion worth of shares in its US division.

The US market has also been heavily affected by the US Federal Reserve’s stimulus programme, with investors expecting the Fed to increase interest rates to try to stimulate growth and prevent a recession.

Amazon’s share price is currently trading at $324, compared to the $325 it was trading at on Wednesday morning.

A further $1,300 of stock sales are due on Thursday, and Amazon is expected to record another $1bn in sales in the next week.

The stock has also fallen sharply in the UK, where the pound has been hit hard by the Brexit vote.

The pound is now trading at around $1 to the US dollar.

The UK government has also imposed capital controls on British citizens as it tries to contain the effect of Brexit on the economy.

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