Kitchen Supply store opens in New Zealand

The Kitchen Supply Store in New Zealander’s Beach, on the island of South Georgia, has opened its doors to the public for the first time.

It opened its gates to the world on Sunday.

“It was a bit of a shock to find out I couldn’t do anything in the store, so I thought it was about time I opened it up to the general public and now that I’ve done that, it’s really exciting,” owner and chef Jamie Ward told News24.

“I’ve been in the kitchen for six years and never opened a store, but I thought maybe I could do something with the kids.”

The store is located at 496 New Zealand Street, which is just off the main street.

“My dad used to come down here for Christmas, and it was a big hit,” Mr Ward said.

“He was a really good chef and the kids loved coming here for the holidays.”

But I don’t think there was a day when we didn’t get a call saying ‘Can you come and pick up the kids?

We’ve got to get some stuff for them’.

“The store has about 400 items on its shelves and can be found at the local petrol station, as well as other outlets and restaurants.

It was also featured in a feature for New Zealand’s Newstalk Breakfast Show last year, and Mr Ward has also had a go at opening a cafe, which will open this year.”

We’re planning to open our cafe this year, we’re doing the planning, and I’m really excited to open it,” he said.

Mr Ward said he didn’t have a big idea of what to expect when the store opens, but said he would be open to suggestions from the public.”

The idea of opening a kitchen in the country is amazing,” he told News18.”

People are coming to see us to get a taste of our cuisine and I think it’s going to be a really cool place for people to come and hang out with us.

“Mr Ward has been on the cookbook circuit in New York for the past few years, with a series of cookbooks and cookbooks coming out this year including The Cookbook of Life, which features cooking shows in New Jersey.

He said he wanted to do something different for the New Zealanders out there.”

To be honest, if I’m going to open a restaurant, I want to open something that is special, that I’m excited about and that I can put on display, and that will be something that people can come and see and have fun with,” he explained.

The Kitchen Supply Stores has a limited amount of stock so it is difficult to say how many people will be able to come in.

Mr Warden said they had no plans to expand to more outlets or expand to a larger menu.”

Our primary focus is to keep up with demand and that’s something we’re aiming to do with our restaurants, so we can grow our business as we go,” he added.”

If we can keep up demand we’ll have a lot of great places to serve our customers.

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