Lowe’s: ‘We don’t think this is a great situation’

The family of a man who died in an explosion at a Lowe’s store in the Kansas City suburb of Olathe told local news station KSDK that they are upset the store will not reopen because of the incident.

Kirk D. Brown, who owns the store at 4500 West Olive, told KSDk that his store has been closed for several weeks because of a chemical leak at the facility.

The leak, which caused the fire, was discovered Wednesday morning.

The family said that Brown’s daughter, Ashley, and his son, Austin, who was in charge of the store, have not been back in the store since the fire.

Brown said that they have not seen their daughter in days, and he has not been able to contact her since he was released from the hospital on Saturday.

He said that when they returned home, they found that the fire had spread and was spreading.

He said he had called a number of the company’s offices in the area, but no one has responded.

Brown said he doesn’t think that the incident will have any impact on the company, but he does want to keep his store open so that the family can come back and see their grandson.

The family said they will donate their business to a local non-profit organization.