How to install and manage your own Google Now widget app store

Today, Google announced a new widget app for Android that allows developers to integrate their own widgets into their own Google apps.

Google Now, which provides quick answers to your questions, search queries, and location data, is an app that Google bought and built into Android in 2017.

Google has been gradually expanding its app store to include a large array of Google apps, but it’s a big departure from the way most apps were packaged.

Google is still developing its own apps, though, so there’s always the possibility that Google will someday create an app store for apps that’s similar to its own.

For now, Google Now will only be available in the Google Play store, but developers will be able to create their own widget apps that will integrate with the search app, Google Maps, and more.

Google will be launching a widget app developer program later this year, and the app store will be free to use from the beginning.