How to install the latest Nike app on your iPhone and iPad

Nike is introducing a new running store app that lets users instantly start and stop running, log miles and create workouts from their phone, tablet or computer.

The app lets users upload their workouts, including any recorded runs, and sync them with the Nike Connect platform, a running-tracking app that is available for iPhone and Android devices.

The new app is available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

The Nike Connect app lets runners, joggers and others track and log their time and distance while in a running event.

It’s an evolution of the Nike Running App that launched last year.

Nike said the app works like a standard running track.

Running and other physical activity requires a phone and a running GPS.

The device will then use the phone’s GPS and other sensors to track your steps, pace, distance and other key metrics.

The running GPS will also detect your heart rate, oxygen consumption, and any other data that might be required by the device to be able to provide real-time data about your running.

The app works in the background while your device is connected to a running watch, so it will be available to run on any of the devices you have running Nike Connect.

But you’ll have to sign into the NikeConnect app to access it.

You can start or stop running from the Nike app’s home screen, and it will sync your workouts with your Nike Connect account and your NikeConnect account will have access to your Nike running app account, as well as the Nike Fitbit and Nike+ running app.

Nike said the Nike Run app will sync workouts between different devices, including Apple Watch and Android Wear.

When you first launch the Nike App, you’ll be greeted by a screen with the word Nike Connect in bold letters.

The Nike Connect screen has a section called “Connect to Nike Connect” that will ask you for a few parameters: a name, email address, phone number, and a description of your Nike app account.

Once you give the Nike account your Nike account information, the Nike screen will ask for a code.

The code will unlock your Nike store account and provide you with access to all the Nike running store information you need.

When the Nike Store app app is installed on your phone, iPad or computer, you can sign in with your email address.

The account also has access to the Nike store.

You’ll also be asked for your Nike membership code.

You’ll also need to provide the Nike logo, Nike Connect logo, and Nike Run logo, which is required to sign in.

Once you have your Nike code, the app will ask if you’d like to unlock the Nikestore app.

When you agree, you’re redirected to the app’s Home screen, which has a blue checkmark next to the “Sign in” button.

The Home screen will then ask you to provide your Nike ID and password.

You need to create a Nike account on the app, where you can upload your Nike workouts.

Once signed in, you will have your first steps and your next steps on your steps chart, your average time and pace, and your average distance from a start and finish.

The next step shows you how many steps you have left to complete a workout, and the last step shows the number of miles you have covered.

You can then log your steps and the total distance covered, and then use that information to create your own workout.

Once logged, you have the option to export the steps, and if you do, it will upload the data to the running store.

You’re then able to download the Nike data into your Nike Fitbits or other running devices, like Nike+ or Nike Watch.

Nike+ users can upload a file to their Apple Watch.

The files will be stored in the store on the device.

The Apple Watch app can download the file and upload it to your watch.

You should also be able use the Nike watch app to track runs.

It will display your distance and pace on the watch, which you can then use to create and view your own workouts.

If you’re using a Nike watch, you won’t be able connect it to the phone, so you’ll need to connect it using Bluetooth or NFC.

The new Nike Running Store app, available in the Apple and Google play stores, will be free to download for two weeks.

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