NBA and NBA players’ wives will be getting free food in their homes

The NBA Players Association on Thursday announced it would pay wives and girlfriends of players and owners of NBA teams $100 a month to donate to charities in their honor.

The NBA Players Assn.

said in a statement that it has a longstanding tradition of helping charities and its “special responsibility to assist with the needs of the NBA community” and will be paying the spouses and girlfriends $100 per month to help support charitable causes.

In the past, the league’s Players Association has donated a portion of its profits from the league to charities.

The union said it would also be giving $1,000 to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Iowa, which provides treatment for children who have been diagnosed with epilepsy.

The announcement comes after the NBA Players Coalition, an alliance of NBA players, raised $30 million for children’s charities in 2016.