Trump to sign $100 billion tax cut package for Amazon, Walmart

Trump has vowed to give Amazon and Walmart tax breaks in their upcoming tax reform bills, but he also promised to deliver on his campaign promise to slash the corporate tax rate to 25 percent and to eliminate deductions for state and local taxes. 

Trump’s tax plan includes a tax credit for the sale of online products. 

“The goal is to have a net tax reduction of at least $100B in 2025, which will be in addition to the $100 B in savings from eliminating the alternative minimum tax, the mortgage interest deduction, the estate tax, and many other taxes that help pay for all of our social programs,” Trump said in an email statement on Friday.

“I will be releasing a detailed plan for tax reform that will be available in the coming weeks.”

The president also promised the elimination of the Alternative Minimum Tax, or AMT, which is a tax on the purchase of certain items.

Trump’s plan also includes a $1,000 credit for every dollar that a business sells online, a $200 credit for each dollar that consumers spend online, and a $300 credit for consumers who buy a gift card online.

Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Costco, Kmart, and other big retailers have already said they will give tax breaks to Amazon, which has raised $3.8 billion in federal tax credits since January. 

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‘Gossip Girl’ star Kristin Chenoweth to appear on ‘The Bachelor’

The show’s final episode aired Thursday and brought back the love interest of “The Bachelor” cast member and Bachelor franchise veteran Kristin Bennett.

But it was not the happy ending that fans had hoped for.

Bennett’s character, the actress who plays Kristin on the series, was forced to go on a date with the character of Bachelor franchise stalwart Brandon Routh in a twist that many expected would be the ending to the series.

Fans will be pleased to hear that the show’s producers and cast have already reached a deal with the couple.

While it’s been reported that they had a falling out, the producers have said that they were not involved in the decision to cancel the season.

“The cast and producers of ‘The Bachelorette’ are happy to announce that Brandon Roulouth and Kristin are currently in a loving, committed relationship,” the show said in a statement to EW.

“Brandon is a wonderful husband and father who is excited to be in a relationship with his new wife and has given up his day job to devote all of his time and energy to their children.”

It was unclear how Bennett and Routh, who is now engaged to the reality star, were going to end up together or if they would remain together.

Bennett was expected to be back on the show as a contestant in the season finale, but she was not present.

Fans also were left to speculate if Bennett and her character, who was known for her sexy style and flamboyant behavior on the set, were actually dating.

Bennett is a former contestant on “The Bitch I’m Madonna” and appeared on the TV series “Madonna in the Studio” and “Marry Me.”

She was also on “Teen Mom” and had appeared in the reality series “Love Me Right.”

Bennett and the show are known for their flamboys and bikinis.

“Gossip Girls” will be returning to ABC on Jan. 17.