Samsung and Apple trade vows to protect ‘robust ecosystem’

Samsung and the US tech giant Apple have traded vows to ensure that “robust ecosystems” will remain viable in the future.

“We will continue to aggressively support and foster this ecosystem and work towards providing more opportunities to the world’s innovators,” Samsung said in a statement on Monday.

Apple has also said it will “reject any proposal that harms the robust ecosystem”.

This week’s meeting comes after US tech giants such as Google, Amazon and Facebook have threatened to leave the US if the US does not change its trade policy to protect US jobs.

This article first appeared on TechRadars blog.

Man arrested in ‘bizarre’ attack on woman

A man has been arrested in connection with a bizarre attack on a woman in an office supply store.

Key points:A woman was assaulted by two men outside an office supplies store in Wollongong in late OctoberThe woman suffered non-life threatening injuriesThe man, aged in his 30s, fled the sceneThe incident occurred in a parking lot at the end of a street at Wollomboi Street and Wollangong Road around 1:00pmOn October 30, the woman was walking to a nearby store when two men approached her and made “inappropriate” comments, police said.

“A large amount of saliva was left on her face, but she was able to use her nose to stop the blood from dripping from her mouth and mouthwash,” a statement from police said in October.

“She was unable to describe the men who had attacked her.”

Police were called to the location at around 1.30pm and arrested a man.

Police said the victim was in a stable condition in hospital with non- life threatening injuries.

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Amazon and Target to launch a new online grocery store with Amazon and T-Mobile in the US

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